Culture-Based Home Care

Culture-Based Home Care: this is something we are seeing more often in home care agencies.

I believe that caregivers have the responsibility to recognize the seniors’ religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs. Acknowledging this is one of the best ways to care for our elderly! 

Look at all the languages we offer with our training courses below, more languages to be offered are on the way!

    – English

    – French

    – Korean 

    – Mandarin

    – Cantonese 

    – Haitian Creole

    – Spanish 

We understand that many of the caregivers employed comprehend and understand different languages. Therefore, we offer multiple languages within our courses for caregivers to take in and understand the material clearly so that they are prepared to serve clients with knowledge and confidence. We are continually building out and updating the education provided  in many other languages. 

This goes both ways in choosing the right caregiver for the right client, most of the time assigning a caregiver to a client with a similar background and language could go a long way in keep the client happy and comfortable. In most cases, elders from the senior community who do not have English as their first language, struggle with communicating their needs properly even though they are able to speak and understand English. They would much rather prefer having someone that speaks and understands the same first language they do, creating comfort and eliminating the language barrier between one another.

The prospect of building a good relationship between caregivers and the caretakers starts with communication and understanding. We know how important this is and will continuously provide the right personalized training to ensure the best-case scenario for all our clients. 

Why More Home Care Agencies Are Building Their Businesses on Culture-Based Care