5 tips for successful caregiver training

Planning on conducting a caregiver training program? Here are 5 tips that lead to success.

1. Consistency wins 

Consistency before and throughout the training process can save time, making assessing and comparing candidates easier. When companies have a consistent process, they can be more open and transparent in their communication and mission. This approach ensures caregivers align with their desired outcomes, increasing caregiver motivation and retention and enhancing the training process. Companies need to deliver a consistent experience across the learner's journey, from awareness of mission and goals to onboarding requirements and service adoption. At Nevvon, we believe when companies are consistent, it leads to caregiver trust and helps them align with your "why," which eventually leads to more work efficiency. 

2. Training should be convenient, relevant & personalized

The "One-size-fits-all" no longer applies. Successful caregiver training is convenient, relevant, and personalized to its user. Caregivers are scattered everywhere with ever-changing work schedules, so it is essential that although training adheres to regulations, the learning material is individualized and easily accessible to learn at their pace. Shortening the commute from in-person training to online training allows caregivers to study at their best, at their convenience, no matter where they are. Home care agencies should incorporate the learners' work environments, and scenarios the caregivers typically face with their patients into their learning material. A personalized training strategy will help meet caregivers where they are to ensure a better learning experience. Nevvon's simple and mobile e-training platform is created with the direction of a registered nurse and mandatory compliance in mind. The training modules are personalized to suit scenarios caregivers typically face with their patients. Our user-centric app enhances the education of the home care sector, provides upskilling opportunities, and saves home care agencies time and money. 

 3. Make it fun

Everyone has their unique way of grasping knowledge; therefore, a successful caregiver training should implement various teaching methods like interactive videos, games, and more to ensure learning is engaging and fun. A more engaging experience leads to improved thinking skills and better memory retention for caregivers. Home care agencies can support learning by creating a fun and engaging environment that increases motivation and nurtures responsive and effective interactions from the learners. 

At Nevvon, we believe caregivers learn better when it is fun. Our mobile and web platform is built around engaging and digestible micro-lessons. We utilize different modalities like practical exercises, instructional videos, animation, gamification, and more that cause caregivers to engage, self-reflect, and retain the knowledge as best as possible.

 4. Keep it simple 

Everything works best when kept simple. Home care agencies should always aim for simplicity when creating a caregiver training program. A simple caregiving training helps home care agencies keep up with changes and allows caregivers to understand and adapt quickly. Home care agencies must adopt a creative approach and find a bridge between communication, strategy, and simplicity to boost caregiver training performance. 

Innovation doesn't need to be complicated. With Nevvon's simple, intuitive and user-centric app, caregivers can quickly adopt and educate themselves, and home care agencies can simplify and streamline regulatory requirements and policies in their local States.

 5. Evaluation

Evaluation helps keep track of engagement activities and learning outcomes and helps refine goals. If your caregivers have trouble implementing new skills, reconsider your teaching techniques and retrain them. Use the feedback loop to your advantage by testing, listening, evaluating, and tweaking the process to improve your training strategy. Commit to change and tweak as you go! 

Nevvon offers the ability to evaluate your caregivers through quizzes. Our platform is designed to help home care and hospice agencies easily and effectively train and evaluate their caregivers' progress. 

Nevvon is an all-in-one e-training solution trusted to help home care agencies achieve regulatory compliance while saving time and money, and empowering caregivers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make their patients’ lives better. Click here to set up a demo today!