How to use SMS Campaigns to Improve Compliance Rates

It’s the second half of the year and deadlines for compliance requirements are looming larger and larger. Is your agency on track to meet your compliance goals? A well-crafted SMS Campaign can get you over the hump.


An SMS (Short Message Service) campaign is a strategy often used in marketing to raise awareness or build hype over a product or service. These text-driven campaigns tend to be more personal than email campaigns because most people will only use text to communicate with close friends and family. Well-crafted SMS campaigns can similarly be used by home healthcare agencies to raise awareness about compliance training programs within the company and how soon the employee needs to complete that training. Home healthcare agencies should remember the four R’s to make their campaign successful:


Right Message:
The SMS should be short, simple, and actionable. The message should be consistent and clear. Are your caregivers being paid to complete their training? Tell them. What are the penalties if they should fail to complete the training? Tell them. Be sure to consult with your Nevvon Account Manager to track the compliance rate and identify workers who are struggling to progress

Right Frequency
Most agencies will send out an SMS to alert their staff when there’s a new company training program for them to complete. The agencies with higher compliance rates tend to have SMS campaigns though. These are well-timed and frequent messages that go out to employees to remind them of upcoming deadlines and benefits to completing the training. Weekly SMSs often bring in higher completion rates than biweekly messages. To get the frequency right, be sure to review the program duration, number of caregivers with your agency, the length of the lessons, and other relevant factors.

Right Timing
A recent Nevvon study found that agencies with higher compliance often review the timing of the SMS. A successful SMS campaign should consider factors like due dates and days of the week. 

Right Mix
SMS campaigns are effective, but they are just one tool at your disposal. Augmenting an SMS campaign with a call or email campaign can also help to increase sign-ups and completion rates. The key is to be diverse.

Compliance deadlines are on the horizon but there are plenty of tools at your disposal to help you and your team meet those deadlines. SMS campaigns are just one of the many tools you can use to ensure that your care workers are ready to give the best care possible to their patients.