Caregiver Mentorship Programs for Home Care

How adding a caregiver mentorship program goes a long way in recruiting and training caregivers.

Why do 84% of US Fortune 500 and 100% of Fortune 50 companies have mentoring programs? Because its a proven way to have a positive impact on recruitment, retention, and job satisfaction.

In partnership with  we are excited to launch a simple-to-use peer-to-peer mentoring program specific for Home care called the Legacy of Care Program

“During the 2020 pilot we regularly surveyed the mentees and communication came up as the biggest challenge,” HCP President and CEO Kathy Febraio said. “They wanted more communication from the agency. We feel that this program really sets up a communications channel, so that an agency can hear from its newest hires what questions keep coming up, what are their concerns and how do we help them be more successful.’ 
The program provides agencies with a template on how to recruit mentors internally and ways to connect with caregivers. It also helps them document interactions and then identify problems that could lead to turnover. During the program’s pilot, HCP found that agencies without a mentorship program had a 170% higher turnover rate than those that had programs. 
“What agencies learned was we have to change some of our training. We have to change some of our onboarding instructions,” Febraio said. “When they did so, it not only benefited those specific mentees, but the entire workforce.” 



Workplace mentorship programs have numerous advantages, including increased caregiver confidence, engagement, retention, and skill development. Mentoring has been found to have a favorable emotional influence on both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring helps address stressors in caregivers' lives and helps build dialogue where they can communicate concerns and receive support and guidance from their mentors. This will help agencies to attract motivated prospects to develop their caregiving skills, eventually reducing turnover and burnout rate.


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