3 Reasons Why You Need Sexual Harassment Training

The 3 immediate benefits to sexual harassment training

Home care providers in New York State are now legally responsible to ensure that by October 1st, 2019 their department employees and caregivers are all properly trained on defining, reporting and preventing Sexual Harassment in the workspace.

Staying compliant with state regulations and updates is a key component to retaining and protecting your business and caregivers. Requiring employees and managers to participate in sexual harassment training helps businesses minimize the risk of lawsuits, increase employee satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and improve productivity. 

How does sexual harassment training Benefit home care agencies?

  1. Nurturing a culture of inclusion and respect in the workforce

The issues of workplace sexual misconduct, harassment and bullying are not new problems. Educating caregivers and office employees on how to manage these conflicts and recognize these issues requires a new approach. One that does not single out any culture or gender for special treatment, one that can level the playing field between abusers and victims. Ongoing sexual harassment can make employees feel unwelcome and disrespected in their workplace. But employees with a positive relationship to their workplace perform better and are more engaged with their jobs.

  1. Lower the risk of lawsuits to the employer/homecare agency

Sexual harassment training ensures that supervisors and managers understand their duties when they suspect that sexual harassment has occurred. By educating all employees about the kinds of conduct that are not allowed in the workplace, an employer takes a proactive approach to protecting employees from sexual harassment. By making clear that the employer has adopted a policy prohibiting sexual harassment, they protect themselves from a legal claim that the company was tolerant of sexual harassment and negligently failed to prevent it.

  1. Creating a safe environment for reporting incidents is essential for minimizing turnover  

Employers are responsible for providing a safe space to discuss sexual harassment. Training sessions need to be part of that space. Creating a safety net for your caregivers and managers will also provide them with a sense of self value. Communicating clear directions on how to report sexual harassment will embolden them to come forward. As part of that training, employers should reinforce that accusations will be taken seriously, and retaliation will not be tolerated. Many times, caregivers will chose to leave agencies rather than face a victimizer. Providing a safe process on reporting sexual harassment can help to prevent these walkouts and decrease staff turnover. Investing in sexual harassment training can provide long lasting confidence for employees.


When approached correctly, sexual harassment training should convey a sense of safety. No caregiver should feel unsafe at work. Proper education not only helps to safeguard against inappropriate behavior, it protects the agencies as a business.

Nevvon’s mobile sexual harassment training meets or exceeds all of New York's new sexual harassment training standards. Caregivers and employees will have 25 minutes of engaging training that they can complete at their convenience. Nevvon’s training portal is an efficient and easy way to deliver all the proper tools for identifying, avoiding and reporting workplace harassment.