Legacy of Care© Mentorship Program Real World Results

Client success stories are more than proving a program’s achievements.  A program can be demonstrated and the power of its service is by telling the real story. Real employees deliver successful projects, none better than the 6 home care agencies and almost 350 caregivers that participated in the Legacy of Care © mentorship pilot program.  

The benefits achieved from the pilot were substantial, have a look.



Decreases turnover in the first 90 days of employment

89% retention rate during the first 90 days of employment

Boosts caregiver confidence and satisfaction

Mentored and non-mentored caregivers were given three separate opportunities to provide feedback during their first 90 days of employment (at 30, 60, and 90 days) via a caregiver survey conveniently distributed in the caregivers’ language of preference (English or Spanish). The mentored caregivers expressed greater satisfaction during their first 90 days of employment in all categories as compared to their non-mentored counterparts.

Caregiver Satisfaction improved across all categories:

  • They were more likely to recommend the agency
  • Training satisfaction increased
  • Mentorship program satisfaction was positive
  • Communication with Mentor was great
  • Satisfaction in the role of a caregiver improved

Offers growth opportunities/retention for the home care workforce

Mentor Managers reported developing better management skills.

Produces highly trained and accountable caregivers

Mentors learned why some policies and procedures could not be changed and better understood the effect on patients, staff and the agency’s compliance with NYS law and regulations.

Creates a positive, team-centered culture

Agencies saw an increase in connectivity between the home office and their aides as well as an increase between the aide workforce which has often felt isolated. 

Becomes a recruiting tool for the agency

New employees when provided a mentor have a softer landing after orientation and the additional support structure and time devoted to each employee was beneficial to the Mentor and Mentee.

The hardest parts of running a home-based care enterprise are finding and keeping employees, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Employee turnover dramatically rose as a result of the pandemic, according to industry data, and it continues to pose considerable operational difficulties.

Providers are scrambling to restore their teams back to their pre-pandemic levels of performance as a result, and many are looking to technology for recruiting retention, and training solutions that fit their objectives.

The Legacy of Care Mentorship Program is an established proven model of recruitment and retention which is scalable among your organization.