Why Training Paid Caregivers Is So Important to Adopting Value-Based Payments

Why Training Paid Caregivers Is So Important to Adopting Value-Based Payments

When adopting VBP, many providers may overlook key players in the organization. It's vital to train paid caregivers in all aspects relevant to VBP for a couple of reasons:

Paid Caregivers Have Much to Learn

The process of integrating VBP will impact the daily activities of every paid caregiver. As such, training becomes important because they have a great deal of new information to learn. Just as agencies are trying to adapt to changes, so must paid caregivers. When a paid caregiver receives the proper education, they gain more confidence and provide better patient care.

Paid Caregivers Need to Become Educated on VBP 

The goal for every paid caregiver should be for them to become educated on VBP. This is best accomplished through a training program that includes everything a paid caregiver needs to know related to how VBP integrates into their daily tasks. You can keep track of training for each paid caregiver. This is most easily done by taking advantage of technology.

Customized Online Training Programs for Paid Caregivers

Nevvon offers basic and advanced VBP training to meet your home health agency needs. This mobile-approved training is made available through an easy-to-use custom app. Most paid caregivers don't own a computer or laptop, so they prefer having the option to use their mobile phones.

Our online training helps agencies keep their caregivers in compliance with their state’s regulations. It also saves you time and money because:

  • E-learning is more efficient than conventional training programs
  • You only pay for actual caregiver usage rather than the number of seats

The Nevvon app offers an alternative to live group training. It’s simple, flexible, intuitive, and personalized for each employee. The self-service system maintains all the documentation you need, including all educational materials and content, the training the caregivers received, and the dates the training was completed by each caregiver. In addition, paid caregivers have the option of downloading certificates of completion.

Nevvon also offers technology training. We work with caregivers on adopting specific technology related to their role, including Agency Management Systems and VBP-specific applications.

Paid Caregivers Must Report Outcomes

Training helps ensure that all paid caregivers have the knowledge they need and that they're in compliance with all training requirements. Reporting outcomes of integrating VBP into your agency is important as well. This new requirement to collect data will be made easier with modern technology. Outdated, paper-based, manual reporting methods will result in a lot of administrative work.

VBP Changes Daily Activities

Aides that have been working years or decades in-home health may be used to doing things a certain way. Value-based care requires a change in caregivers' daily activities. Many may struggle with change, but with an effective training plan in place, you can make the transition simple and easy.

Agencies Must Be Proactive

Home health agencies and caregivers must be proactive about VBP rather than reactive. Although the shift from fee-for-pay services is in transition, eventually, value-based programs will dominate. Those who negatively react to the changing health care needs will be left behind. As a result, they could face issues with getting paid as well as compliance. Proactively making a change and ensuring that all aides receive in-service education will be key to your organization's success.