Nevvon Online Caregiver Training

We can use technology to our advantage when it comes to learning. And we should, especially now that it's doubtful if in-person workshops will ever be the same. Nevvon allows caregivers to continue their education using our online training. This means each caregiver can:

  • Complete their continuing education independently
  • Access training at any time remotely
  • Minimize exposure to infections by avoiding travel and direct contact with others

Why a Mobile Training Application?

We conducted several focus groups, surveys and questionnaires for the caregivers who service our industry and an overwhelming number of them, prefer to use their mobile phone.

Save yourself the stress and the cost. Organizing large numbers of caregivers to attend live training can be:

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Operationally inefficient

With the constant rescheduling, finding replacement caregivers and trying to keep clients happy, it is difficult to maintain a home care agency with thousands of caregivers while managing the certification and continued education of every one of them.

Therefore, we decided to create an online mobile education app, helping deliver cost effective, personalized caregiver training anywhere, at any time, with a platform conceived around today's agencies and the needs of mobile first users.

By delivering progressive, relevant and engaging content, we ensure caregivers have all the tools they need to be successful on the job. 

Interactive gamification and intelligent instructional design raises the bar to new levels of caregiver education in the healthcare industry.